Opening your Heart

One of the deepest inner journeys you will probably ever take, this programme gently guides us into some of the unconscious patterns we each carry deep in our DNA, teaching us to trust in our self love and live with a permanently open heart.

The journey through your Venus Sequence is a simple self teaching journey that comes alive in your life as you learn to apply its many insights. Giving you a new vision of what's possible in your relationships, it has a profound and lasting impact on your life.

'There is nothing else like the Venus Sequence. It is a journey into love, that shows us the reasons why we fear Love. As we release these fears, one by one, a vast Love reawakens inside us. This really is the stuff of dreams...

Programme Features

What you will discover

  • A personalised map of your wound patterns and how they were imprinted during childhood, as well as how to release them through deep self acceptance and forgiveness.

  • How to use your relationships as the quickest path to awakening

  • How to hone and refine your emotional intelligence 

  • How every relationship you attract is here to teach you a specific karmic lesson

  • How to open your heart after it has closed

  • That your Core Wound is your greatest gift of service to the whole


  • 13 learning Modules with inspiring videos, meditations and contemplative tasks. 

  • Teachings laid out in easy-to-follow chapters, explaining all the components of your Profile and Venus Sequence.

  • Your personalised Gene Keys Profile embedded directly into the course

  • 6 Audio Contemplations by Richard Rudd, describing each of your specific Venus Gene Keys

  • 5 guided musical meditations to deepen your experience of the Pathways

  • Notes functions to track your course progress in our newly updated learning system

Opening your Heart

Are you ready to transform your relationships for ever?

The Venus Sequence - $150 (Price is in USD and includes all taxes where applicable)

The Venus Sequence was the most awakening, empowering and healing experience I have ever participated in. This experience cracked opened my heart and lit me up with the healing power of love. I had breakthroughs and epiphanies that not only have aided in my understanding of, but also healing from many repressed emotions and fears that I carried for so many years..

When I first met the Gene Keys I was dealing with a lot of trauma and pain in my life. And even though I feel a lot better I haven’t fully recovered yet. In all this process, the Gene Keys has been the tool that has helped me the most. In times of despair the only thing that seems to have worked has been this teaching.

I have a deeper understanding of why I have chosen the responses I have throughout my life in relationships of all kinds. With this awareness comes loving compassion for myself and enhances the self love that is root to all my outer relationships.


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