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Gene Keys on Clubhouse

Drop-in audio contemplations on iPhone and Android

New Invitation Links now available! 

For those on the new platform Clubhouse, you can find enriching discussions happening within the official Gene Keys Club. This audio-only social network is available on smartphones and enables participants to “come on stage” and ask questions or share their stories live. If you are interested and need an invitation, you can check out the live events happening this week.

Gathering with Grace

Monthly offering open to all

On the 22nd of every month, we invite our global Gene Keys family to come together for a communal invocation of Grace. In this opening call, Richard Rudd and his fellow voyagers share about the teachings of the Seven Sacred Seals, to be and how the power of Grace can change our lives in miraculous ways. You can learn more about these new community gatherings and open calls below.

Activation Sequence – Live Q&A

Free offering to all Activation Sequence voyagers

For the first time since our last Activation Retreat in Summer 2021, we will be hosting three, LIVE Activation Sequence calls for anyone who has purchased the online Activation Sequence course. Whether you are brand new to the Golden Path or a returning voyager looking to jump-start your contemplations, these Q&A sessions are here to support and inspire your journey.

These 90-minute events are an opportunity to bring your Hologenetic Profile and ask questions from experienced hosts, Tanmayo & Elijah. The goal is to bring the wisdom of the Activation Sequence alive and share in the rich field of group contemplation together. Come join our journey into Genius, as we decode the algorithms of higher purpose together!

Gene Keys Pulse & Events Calendar

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Featured Programmes

The Dream Arc is here!

Transforming your life through the symbolic power of animals

A rich and highly unique journey designed to expand your creativity, unlock your intuitive wisdom and connect you to the deep ancestral power of the earth and her creatures. We are excited to finally launch this incredible course. Special thanks to the amazing community of contributors who have offered their art, music, poetry, and presence into the Dream Arc. Join us on this grand adventure!

Seven Days of Grace

A free transformational course by Richard Rudd

This free transformational course gives the gift of Grace to anyone who would like to experience more awe, wonder and connection in their lives. This mini-course is for everyone, from those new to the Gene Keys to seasoned meditators, who want to connect to a sense of higher meaning and to witness more Grace in their lives through gentle, daily practices.

The Seven Sacred Seals

Invitation into the Mystical

The new Seven Sacred Seals course has been completely reworked and expanded.

We invite you to join us on a profound and life-changing journey into the beautiful mystery of Divine Grace. The Seven Sacred Seals are much more than a course. They are an amazing set of practices, inner journeys, experiences, prayers, music, incantations and invocations that invite Grace into our lives. They are mystical portals to the Divine.

The Delta Programme

A luminous game of transformation

The Delta is a powerful new experience that challenges us to take the next great evolutionary step – into the flowering of collective consciousness. In this life-changing game, players gather in groups of 7, exploring 7 themes over 7 weeks in a syncopated rhythm, creating a very real experience of higher harmony that touches all areas of your life.​

The Gene Keys Guides Programme

Be a Beacon of Light in a Changing World

The Gene Keys Guides Programme is a self study course that demonstrates how to guide others into the Gene Keys wisdom, with a strong emphasis on embodiment. Having completed this course, you will be empowered to share any aspect of the Gene Keys that you have studied with us. This comprehensive programme gives you the creative freedom, skills and experience necessary to create a flourishing business with the Gene Keys.

Past Event Archive

Initiation into the Dream Arc

A free interactive experience with Richard Rudd and Rosy Aronson

Enjoy the replay of our first official Dream Arc gathering. 3 years in the making, the Dream Arc offers a wonderful and wild extension to the Gene Keys teachings, suitable for both seasoned contemplators and complete newcomers…

In this 90 min session, hosted on our YouTube channel, Richard, Rosy and the Dream Arc team will lift the veil on the amazing Dream Arc program, giving us a preview into the depths and delights of its many features, as well as describing how it works and the level of transformation it can bring to your life. We will also do some simple but illuminating exercises on the call that instantly show you the power of these teachings. We will finish by doing a spontaneous Dream Arc Oracle reading for the current state of our world. Bring your questions, an open mind and a sense of adventure!

The Rainbow Body, the Seven Rays and the power of Grace

A Global Equinox Gathering with the Gene Keys community, hosted by Richard Rudd and Tanmayo Lawson

Watch the replay with Richard, Tanmayo, Sally & Amy exploring the Seven Sacred Seals including where these teachings come from and how they can assist all of humanity in tackling the huge challenges that lie ahead. Bring your open heart and an open mind, and be prepared to receive something truly miraculous into your life!

Seven Days of Grace – Register for Free!

The Seven Sacred SealsLearn More

Community Open Calls – Gathering with Grace

Spirituality and Spiritual Ego

18 Traps on the spiritual path 

In this incisive monologue Richard Rudd uses the blade of lucid discrimination to cut through the many traps of the ego once it is involved in spirituality. Laying out 18 specific patterns that he has either encountered in himself or in others along the path, Richard approaches this little-discussed subject with gentleness and compassion.